Training for academic staff

KEDGE wants to be close to its professors and its students. It is working for innovative education.


ITP Like

Current young generations like millennials have considerably redefined modes of expression and access to information. Educational experiences must evolve to adapt to these new practices.

KEDGE hopes to be at the forefront of efforts to revolutionize teaching methods in order to be aligned with the expectations of current and future students.

By training its professors, KEDGE is affirming its educational identity by:

  • Assisting with the change in posture relating to the teaching profession
  • Assisting with skills building for new teaching methods and techniques
  • responding to challenges regarding student satisfaction and the learning experience

 Teaching in English

In order to facilitate the internationalisation of its programmes, KEDGE has created a process for building teaching skills in English adapted to the level and need of each volunteer professor.

Peer to Peer

KEDGE is initiating and promoting the transmission of knowledge between professors. This may involve working group assessments, use of digital tools, and the discovery of innovative project management methods.