Sino-French Institute in Management of Arts & Design (IMAD)

A world-class higher education programme in arts management: a partnership between the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), one of the world's most renowned Art schools and KEDGE Business School, a French management school with expertise in Arts Management.




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Introduction to the Sino-French Institute in Management of Arts & Design (IMAD)

A one-of-a-kind programme

The cultural and creative sector stands out for its creativity, content, social and economic impact, and employment opportunities. France, with its rich arts, heritage, cultural industries, luxury, and tourism sectors, holds a unique global position in this economy. It is renowned for its 'cultural exception,' which emphasises both a strong cultural identity and diverse production. The culture here is unlike any other sector. Conversely, China boasts an exceptional artistic and heritage history and significant economic power, making it one of the world's largest cultural markets.

KEDGE Business School and CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing School of Fine Arts) have collaborated to establish the Institute in Management of Arts and Design, IMAD. This interdisciplinary institute, a global first, provides education, research, and cross-cutting projects to foster cultural collaboration between France and China.


Head of KEDGE Arts School and MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management

Programme objectives in Arts, Culture, and Creative Industries Management

A training in arts, culture, and creative industries management

KEDGE Business School and CAFA have partnered to confer bachelor's and master's degrees to Chinese CAFA students in visual arts, heritage management, design, cultural and creative industries. This initiative aims to equip students with the skills needed for the rapidly growing Chinese cultural market.

KEDGE Arts School specialises in the management of creative industries, while CAFA excels in fine arts, encompassing art history, theory, applied arts, and design. Together, they provide a unique interdisciplinary education, blending art and management. As part of this programme, CAFA students earn a KEDGE Bachelor's degree.

Programme highlights

The course focuses on a generic approach to the creative industries, enabling students to work in the entire creative and cultural sector. This approach enables students to understand the strategic management of the creative industries.

Mobilise the best French creative and cultural practices as well as the specific know-how of our organisations and companies in the sector.

Chinese students discover French creativity and culture as well as its creative regions during the third and fifth years, which take place in France.

The Research Centre for creative industries and culture produces and passes on its knowledge of arts management in the programme, thanks to its team of researchers.

From prestigious French national institutions to small, dynamic and creative companies, the programme brings together numerous partners in the cultural sector. They enable practical knowledge to be shared in the teaching. These professionals in the management of cultural and creative enterprises guarantee the quality of learning in context and provide a network for accessing the market. Their expertise extends to all areas of management: artistic creation and direction, strategy, marketing, communication, research, project management, team management, etc.