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There is an issue on two levels: guaranteeing the technical requirements of Finance and ensuring the necessary perspective of its social responsibility. Financial institutions are becoming increasingly sensitive to this; for students, it is almost a pre-requisite. It is a matter of great concern for the team of teacher-researchers who support the Kedge Master’s students. Proposing a wide-ranging and solid academic background, our Master’s students will be able to cover all positions in the financial industry, capital and investment banks, insurance companies, investment funds, retail banks and asset management. Armed with these skills and knowledge, students will be immediately operational to start their careers in financial institutions.

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Head of MSc in Banking & Finance

Explore the challenges facing Capital markets and Financial Institutions

The Kedge Master’s programme incorporates the latest developments in Finance and relies on a balanced program including:
- Fintech (machine learning, blockchain, robo advisor, crowd funding, etc.) & digital Finance,
- high level learning about traditional trades and current financial instruments (fixed income, asset management, equity research, commodities, derivatives)
- understanding of programming (Python, Visual Basic)
- a dealing room equipped with professional databases (Reuters, Quantalys)
- mastery of the regulatory environment and risk management
- preparing and attempting both French and international professional certifications, CFA 1st level, AMF, Reuters, etc. (on a voluntary basis).

Programme highlights

Reuters Dealing Room

KEDGE is fully equipped with seven “Thomson Reuters” stations. A professional seminar with Reuters staff is organized in the first semester and, at a later stage, students will enjoy full support to prepare for the Reuters Certification.

AMF Certification

Since 2011, KEDGE and Barchen/F. Lefebvre have been in a partnership affording all KEDGE French-speaking students the opportunity to prepare the “Autorité des Marchés Financiers” certification under preferential conditions and to sit the test in the Bordeaux campus twice a year.

CFA Institute

For any relevant course, the intermediate grade adopts and follows the CFA level 1 programme, preparing students for any of the 18 study sessions. For the Banking & Finance MSc, in 2020 Kedge intends to seek affiliation with CFA Institute as part of their University Affiliation Program.

Portfolio Simulation

Using both Reuters real quotes and Quantalys databases, MSc students can take part in Bloomberg Trading challenges, Natixis challenges, etc.


One course is dedicated to Python learning (open-source and free coding language), and Visual Basic (VBA).

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