MSc Business Engineering

A dual expertise in technology and management to accelerate your career

4th on Best Masters & MBA Worldwide Ranking - Technological or Industrial Management category

Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


Full Time


September 2023



Presentation of the Master of Science (MSc) in Business Engineering

Delivered on our Paris campus, the Business Engineering programme prepares our students to manage major projects in a technology-rich environment.

  • Programme Overview

campus of Paris

Florence CRESPIN-MAZET - MSc Business Engineering Director

MSc Business Engineering Director

A dual expertise in technology and management to accelerate your career

For the past 30 years, the Business Engineering programme has been specifically tailored for scientific or technical profiles willing to embrace the rich career of international business developers and project managers. This Programme responds to arising issues within high-tech and high-added value industries looking for profiles able to design and negotiate innovative solutions and to value their technical know-how.

Positioned at the interface between strategic planning, sales development and technical teams, business engineers coordinate and deploy complex projects from the beginning to the end (e.g. aerospace, telecom, automotive, energy equipments, IT solutions, factory line systems). They frame global comprehensive solutions with their business customers and partners. In an ever-increasing worldwide competition, such profiles are highly valued on the job market.

Delivered on our Paris campus, the Business Engineering programme benefits from our solid research expertise and historical relationships with many innovative companies and export trade specialists in the field.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

-        A programme suited to the needs of companies looking for profiles able to innovate, create new activities and value-added business solutions as well as turn their technological resources into business opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

-        A programme 100% focused on technology and BtoB environments. 

A full-English curriculum with lecturers, as well as a network of international partners will enable you to interact in a globalised economy, with an open-mind at local and international levels.

-       A partnership with Le Wagon (digital training) for a dual expertise that is highly sought after on the job market

-        A programme that privileges learning methods that place students in professional simulations, role-plays, corporate projects (French tech tour) with cross-disciplinary teams.

-        Preparation to two external certifications in International Business Negotiations and in Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft).


The skills developed through this programme are valued and recognised by companies from various industrial and business sectors such as: aeronautics, IT, electronics, energy, environment, telecommunications, civil engineering…


A professional network of over 2,800 graduates in Business Engineering part of the KEDGE alumni network which brings together more than 75,00 KEDGE graduates from all over the world.

Key skills

This programme will help you build an effective International Business Network and teach you to maintain good relationships with the people who have an impact on your work.

Negotiating complex and added-value business solutions within a technological and B2B environment. 

Acquire new management skills, lead teams using project management processes.


Managing projects that coordinate the actions of commercial, marketing, financial, technical and legal teams in response to a business needs. 

Elaborating collaborative innovation strategies in order to generate value creation activities for high-tech companies. 

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit and initiating innovative projects while launching new strategies for companies and organisations.