Business Transformation for Sustainability

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Careers after the Master of Science (MSc) Business Transformation for Sustainability

As sustainability becomes an increasingly critical element of business strategy and operations within organisations, the prospects for professionals seeking new and emerging careers in sustainability have never been brighter. The programme is designed to enable rich professional perspectives related to this new variety of CSR-related positions, dealing with the broad strategic and societal vision, as well as the implementation of concrete transformational initiatives.

Upon completion of this MSc, students will be prepared for leadership positions related to sustainable value creation, strategic and operational management positions. They will also be able to take up external consultancy or internal change management roles, as well as sustainable project management roles and PMO.


Advisors and Analysts

  • Corporate Governance Analyst,
  • CSR Consultant
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Compliance Support Worker,
  • Stakeholder Relations Advisor,
  • Sustainability and Environmental Representative,
  • Compliance Officer,
  • Fundraising Worker…


  • Head of Fundraising and Communications,
  • Environmental Assessment Manager,
  • Ethical Compliance Officer,
  • Stakeholder Relations Manager,
  • Transparency and Reputation Manager…


  • Diversity and Inclusion Director,
  • Director of Corporate Advisory Services,
  • Director of Global Sustainability,
  • Director of Corporate Engagement & Impact,
  • Director of Philanthropic Partnerships,
  • Communications Director,
  • Environmental and Social Risk Leader



Management positions in sustainability occupied by junior candidates


1st average salary after graduation