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A recent analysis of the professions and the specifics of digital marketing has highlighted three major cross-disciplinary areas that will determine the positioning of the Master of Science (MSc) offer:

  1. Strategy/Management
  2. Design
  3. Technology

A substantial project component (short or longitudinal projects) will be developed in order to encourage different learning methods, thereby preparing students for the challenges of working life. Educational innovation and immersion in real companies challenges will be a component of the programme courses.
These actions break down into three main areas:
1. Expertise and skills view:

  • Onboarding seminar: Disrupt your Mind, which aims at getting students to think differently, or "outside the box".
  • Boot Camp Expertise: One week every semester on an advanced, current topic (Growth Hacking, Story Telling, Google Analytics, etc.) to acquire more skills.
  • Soft skills:  Developing Negotiation, Leadership and Management skills of cross-disciplinary teams (important in digital marketing).

 2. Forward-looking, immersive view:

  • Study Trip: Visits of ecosystems in Provence (Oxatis, Aix-Marseille French-Tech partners) and a two-day trip to Paris for immersion in digital companies.
  • Conference cycle: The aim is to bring in an expert once a month to talk about specific themes (IOT, AI, Bitcoin, Blockchain, etc.).

3. Operational overview:

  • Job dating: For one day, bringing in companies that are hiring (internships or jobs) in the digital professions.
  • Hackathon:  A chance for students to start an activity, join a team and be able to deliver a completed project in a few days (on the Start-up Weekend model) by the end of the exercise.
  • Disintegration: During the final week of class, a real corporate challenge to put the year learning into action in an actual situation. An oral presentation is scheduled on the last day with the winning project.