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Digital Marketing & sales

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The MSc in Digital Marketing & Sales prepares professionals who will progress in a digital ecosystem where the functions require an excellent capacity for adaptation. The instructive approach of the MSc, which includes an e-business component, combines strategy, technique, design, digital marketing and e-commerce performance. A programme connected to the innovations and demands of the market which is lacking skilled professionals.

  • Programme Overview

campus of Marseille


Head of MSc in Digital Marketing & Sales

Training Agile Digital Marketers

With digital, new professions and new practices have appeared, creating a real need for training. In an environment in which the skills change fast and the disciplines are becoming increasingly specialized, companies need to be more agile than ever before. The objective of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Sales of KEDGE: to train versatile digital experts capable of participating in the company’s digital strategy, but also on the operational aspects with a cross-cutting approach of web marketing skills. This programme also prepares the future managers to anticipate consumer trends and new channels to get the most out of the trade and non-trade activities that a company may develop online.

Why choose this programme?

A cross-cutting and complementary training

-    technique
-    design,
-    digital marketing.

A partnership with Le Wagon for a dual expertise that is highly sought after on the job market

Throughout the course, the 40 students of the Master’s follow different programmes proposed by Le Wagon to improve their technical skills: 3 days of bootcamp on the prototyping of a web product idea, a 5-day introduction to web development focusing on a project to build a landing page. The students also have the chance to join Le Wagon’s FullStack programme for 9 weeks in Marseille and to obtain a double diploma by combining the title of Web Application Designer-Developer issued by Le Wagon (RNCP level II) with the KEDGE MSc.

A varied teaching method for maximum employability

-    a combination of professional skills,
-    cutting-edge academic expertise,
-    a solid network of start-ups,
-    big digital players.

An immersive teaching approach

Teaching based on:
-    projects,
-    prospecting,
-    the development of emerging technical skills.

Experiential learning

-    prospective conferences: machine learning, blockchain, AI, IoT, etc.
-    study trip,
-    boot camps (intensive seminars on web development, growth hacking, etc.)
-    job dating,
-    project consultant,
-    hackathon,
-    disintegration case.

An ecosystem of respected partners

This digital marketing course has been defined with the input of companies such as Oxatis, French Tech Aix-Marseille Kaporal and Dentsu. It is also supported by Digitick, Le Wagon, Vente-privée, Digital Virgo, and more. The involvement of these companies guarantees that the students will acquire up-to-the-minute and highly operational skills.

Excellent integration in the local ecosystem

-    participation in French Tech Aix-Marseille (2nd largest in France),
-    the Marseille campus offers a business nursery and incubator,
-    the digital economy in the Aix-Marseille region has an annual growth of 13% with over 49,000 jobs in some 7000 companies.

Skills developed

Digital strategy

Understanding a company’s environment in general and especially on the web to contribute to defining its digital strategy:
-    analyse the sociotechnical, socioeconomic and sociocultural context of the market,
-    design the multi-channel digital action plan, taking into account the company’s overall environment

Team management

-    Manage the technical, editorial and marketing teams by developing cross-cutting approaches that concern all the disciplines.
-    Motivate and federate teams to achieve targets and around the corporate culture.
-    Develop individual and collective autonomy of the teams, encourage the emergence of solutions and suggestions coming from the teams and encourage creativity.

E-commerce Management

-    Payment,
-    KPI,
-    Analytics,
-    M-commerce,
-    Cross-channel,
-    Supply chain.

Recognised professional certifications

-    Google Adwords,
-    Google Analytic.

Graphic design

Adobe expertise:
-    InDesign,
-    Photoshop,
-    Illustrator.

Design and administration of a trade and non-trade site

-    compile a functional specifications document and create an e-commerce website,
-    manage an online catalogue and understand the automation tools for the specific tasks linked to a website’s back office,
-    manage the implementation of a site’s connection system to sales management,
-    manage the international dimension of the site with a view to exporting,
-    ensure the logistic interface of business.

Management of the site activity

-    monitor, steer and optimise the collection and use of multi-channel data,
-    analyse the reach of campaigns, optimise the leads/customer transformation costs,
-    choose and manage partners,
-    steer relations with opinion leaders/e-influencers on the social networks.

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