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Be-U Pedagogy

KEDGE helps you become responsible for your career choice, through an innovative, comprehensive system adapted to each programme's career path.

This personal and professional development programme is called Be-U and helps you to :

  • Identify your skills, personality, values, drivers and motivations.
  • Develop the skills that will enable you to put your personal and professional project into action.
  • Acquire the basics and methodology to steer your career.

EBP International system

On this programme, the Be-U modules are present in semester 3 (the first two being devoted to the fundamentals), as well as in semester 10, on return from the 3 years spent abroad.

This course is composed of 15 hours of workshops and aims to initiate a reflection on the professional project:

  • Self-knowledge: PerformanSe, Identification of motivations and values.
  • Discovery of the professions accessible to KEDGE graduates.
  • Elaboration of the professional and personal project.
  • Definition and development of key skills (Be-U road Book)

My Way Days

These are privileged moments to help students in their search for internships, summer jobs, work-study programmes and jobs...

On the programme of these days :

    Employability workshops:
        Resume and your cover letter in French and English.
        Develop your network.
        Apprehend an individual or group interview.
        Set up a methodology for finding an internship, work experience, job or summer job, in France or abroad.
        Simulated interviews organised with recruitment agencies.
        Career conferences: a professional, often a graduate of the school, presents his or her career path and job to the students.
        HR conferences.
        Social networks.
        Negotiating your salary.
        The job market.

Career Centre Meetings

Several types of coaching are offered:

  • Professional project
  • Applications in France or abroad
  • International project...