International BBA

The most international four-year higher education programme in France

Be-U pedagogy

Personal and professional development: the Be-U system

KEDGE helps its students become responsible managers in their career choice through an innovative, complete system adapted to the track of each programme.
This personal and professional development programme helps all students to:

  • Identify their skills, values, motivations and personalities;
  • Define a personal and professional project that is consistent with who they are and what they want;
  • Develop skills that will allow them to put this personal and professional project into action;
  • Acquire basic knowledge and a methodology to guide their career.

Be-U track

This programme is used throughout the entire International BBA track.

Year 1: students begin their programme by reflecting on:

  • their professional project;
  • awareness of work environments and careers they might have. They are given tools to help them prepare to search for internships, including creating and using a network, CVs and cover letters, and preparing for individual and group interviews.

Year 2: students receive help and support searching for internships in France and abroad.

Year 3: students are abroad.

Year 4: the degree is validated through the completion of a dossier that includes:

  • a description of the student (personality, qualities, values, motivations);
  • their track and skills developed through the diverse experiences at the school and out in the world (internships, academic and professional experiences abroad, projects, etc.);
  • a presentation of personal and professional projects and an explanation of how they will be implemented.

The goal of this dossier is to verify that the student is ready to enter the job market with a coherent, realistic project. Students could also continue their studies by learning a skill needed to complete their professional project (Masters).
Every student in the programme completes the personal development track. It is a requirement of the degree.