International BBA

The most international four-year higher education programme in France

International experience with the International BBA

KEDGE International BBA is one of the French post-bac programmes that offers the most international exchange programmes with world-class universities (the majority of which have at least an AACSB, EQUIS or AMBA accreditation). After four years of study, you will have completed two years in France, and two years abroad, as part of an academic exchange and completing an internship.

Mobility grants


The Erasmus system makes it possible for students to receive financial aid for studies and internships in Europe.
You can receive financial aid regardless of your income.


Scholarship from the Regional Council:

The PRAME* Scholarship from the Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur provides funding for students in regional higher education institutions who are taking a study or internship placement abroad as part of their degree.

*These scholarships are not cumulative.

Partner universities

Overall, you will spend at least 4 semesters abroad, 3 of which on academic exchange at one of International BBA's 120 partner universities. There are also 12 options for dual degrees.

Partner Universities

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