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The ISLI Forum was first created in 1990 to enable professionals, researchers, and students to share the latest developments in Supply Chain Management across the industries. In 2018, more than 500 Supply Chain leaders came and shared their experiences in ISLI Forum.

This year’s ISLI Forum "Supply Chain at the speed of innovation" with 4 round tables animated by high profile Supply Chain leaders and companies on the following themes:

  • Warehouse Innovation: The impact of innovations in warehouse on productivity, efficiency, and humanity
  • Omnichannel: How to redesign Supply Chains to meet omnichannel challenges?
  • DDMRP: Is DDMRP proved to be an innovative methodology to tackle demand’s variability, uncertainty and complexity challenges?
  • IOT in Supply Chain: Internet of Things and its impact on future Supply Chains

EDITION 2018 : Emerging Challenges in a Complex Future

For the 28th year, ISLI students from the Master of Science Programme organize this must-attend Supply Chain event entitled : Emerging Challenges in a Complex Future


Video presentation :



Green Loop Supply Chain Implementation

As a result of empirical studies, companies acknowledge the benefits of a closed-loop logistics. This year professional leaders will exhibit challenges going along with the implementation of a Green-Loop Supply Chain and how to successfully transit toward this best practice.

Startups’ Effects on Supply Chain Innovation

Increasing recognition of the importance of a well-designed Supply Chain, combined with huge advances in technology, make the Supply Chain field a fertile field for innovation. Who are the leading innovators, and how are they impacting supply chain performance? Leading Supply Chain startups will provide the answers.

Hidden Costs’ Impacts on End-to-End Supply Chain

In quest of growth, some companies have introduced and developed new products and services to drive sales, whereas profit margin tend to decline due to hidden costs. This round table aims at understanding the impact of an increasing complexity across Supply Chains and at sharing how B2B, B2C, and Retail companies overcome these obstacles.

New Urban Supply Chain in Smart Cities

The urban community requests more customized products and efficient supply chain solutions. How companies will tackle these challenges? The roundtable will give an insight on new business models evolved and strategic trends for urban supply chains. The speakers will discuss latest developments and challenges when implementing collaborative supply chain solutions in cities.

Toward Digitalization of Maritime Supply Chains

It is time to reconsider the world of maritime supply chain and to find ways to overcome current and future challenges. Information technology is the base and digitalization is the key. Experts will provide different perceptions to better illustrate how digital transformation will change the way maritime industry operates.


  • Discover the list of high profile supply chain leaders speaking on conferences and round tables:
  • Michal AUGUSTIN, Director Business Management, MODUSLINK
  • Christian BERTE Country Director, AMAZON FRANCE
  • Roger BLOEMER, Director Global Supply Chain, SONOCO
  • Cecile BRAY, Senior Expert Climate and Carbon Accounting, GEODIS       
  • Luc CASTERA, Founder, OCTOPI
  • Romain CODRON, Founder, SHIPTIFY   
  • Mike DOHERTY, Partner, DEMAND CLARITY          
  • Jean-Philippe GUILLAUME, Directeur, SUPPLY CHAIN MAGAZINE   
  • Charles HADCOCK, Chairman & Sculptor, CREATIVE LANCASHIRE   
  • Dominique LEBRETON, Executive Board, CMI  
  • Francois-Regis LE TOURNEAU, Director Corporate Supply Chain, L'OREAL               
  • Clément KUHN, COO, WING

More information

EDITION 2017 : Collaborate, perform, evolve, now

List of speakers : Agilea S.A.S, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition, Decathlon,, FM Logistic Corporate, SODIAAL, Boston Consulting Group, Michelin, McCain Foods, Schlumberger, ...

Download the white papers of the 5 round tables:

White Paper Digital SC Supply Chain Forum ISLI 2017 (PDF - 1,8 MB)
White Paper End to End Supply Chain Forum ISLI 2017 (PDF - 1,4 MB)
White Paper Omnichannel Supply Chain Forum ISLI 2017 (PDF - 3,8 MB)
White Paper Sustainable SC Supply Chain Forum ISLI 2017 (PDF - 14,5 MB)
White Paper VUCA Supply Chain Forum ISLI 2017 (PDF - 1,4 MB)

Edition 2016 : "MOVE AS ONE"

Video :

This 26th edition included five round tables:

Design omni-channel distribution

New purchase practices have been experienced by consumers since the development of distance retail channels especially through internet with the e-commerce assumption. Omni-channel distribution plays with a cross-channel ordering and fulfillment process, which erases the distinction between online and offline shops. Nevertheless, when offline and online channels need to be fused, the whole supply chain network has to be thought over again and reorganized to match the best to the customer needs while keeping a full overview of the stocks spread through the different channels.

Download the white paper


Develop a supply chain organization

Companies need to see the supply chain as a necessary tactical tool for their organization. Consequently the supply chain has become a strategic asset for the companies who seek to implement fundamental strategies and to build an effective and robust supply chain. Our current economic context tends to move from a transactional economy to relation based economy. This is why organization patterns are changing and both the customers and suppliers are now ready to share information. There are no more one-sided profits, only win-win situations. 

Download the white paper

Implement digital supply chain

Nowadays everything is becoming digital and any kind of business has to be concerned about digital aspects. Supply chain is not an exception and digital tools and innovations in supply chain have a great impact. However it is not necessary to be digitally enhanced, it is required to implement integrated and interconnected supply chain, whose DNA is fundamentally digital. There are several topics that will be dis­cussed, big data and business analytics in supply chain, interconnections in supply chain, intelligent supply chain.

Download the white paper

A guide to a socially responsible supply chain

Corporations implement socially responsible supply chains to become more ethical, environmentally-conscious and respectful to customers, communities and regulations imposed by governments. It has been proven that socially responsible supply chains have direct impact on cost savings, efficiency and downstream waste reduction. In the upstream, socially responsible supply chains are creating innovative ways for corporations to build strategies in ways they never would consider possible. It also positions them up in the scale of reputation and good image amongst their peers in the market and industry, consequently enhances’ customer loyalty and employee engagement. It can help and guide the corporations to leadership capabilities and gain long term profitability, growth and sustainability

Download the white paper

Manage complexity in supply chain

We live in an interesting time; as on the one hand the existing supply chains of the organization are ending their life cycle and on the other hand, globalization and information technology are enabling the emergence of new forms of supply chain that are adapted to operating in a so called VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty and rapid change driven by innovation. As a result today we can see much more complexity in the supply chains, thus affecting the total cost of the organization. Companies, these days, are focusing more on how to deal with this new form of complexity so they can respond to it profitably.

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List of speakers:

  • LOUIS VUITTON : Vincent BARALE - Supply Chain Director
  • KIMBERLY-CLARK : Walaa MAHER - GCC Region Supply Chain Director
  • KIABI : Fernando Morales - Director SC Opérations
  • CROWN : Markus Casagrande - Supply Chain Director
  • AMAZON : Lamprinos SEMERTZIDIS - Supply Chain Program Manager Amazon Luxemburg
  • SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot) : Rida TEMCAMANI - Head of eCommerce and SC Management IT Department
  • TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES : Richard Lloyd - Associate Director Supply Chain Centre of Excellence
  • MONSIEUR TSHIRT : Simon Cagna - co-founder
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