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Bac +3 visé - Bachelor


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Be-U Pedagogy

The Be-U programme is divided over 3 years into KEDGE Bachelor's degree:
Year 1: Be-U Career Centre workshops: 12 hours

    The ecosystem of the professional world
    Introduction to the network approach
    The network: why is it important? how to create it? how to develop it and use it effectively
    Exploring the professional world: the different professions, skills, etc.

Year 2: Be-U Career Centre workshops: 9 hours

    Personality, talents and skills
    Motivations and values
    Which professional project for which orientation in 3rd year: A 2-day seminar to help students find an international internship is organised for all students followed by check points with HR consultants who are specialists in international work.

Year 3: Be-U Career Centre workshops: 6 hours

    Assessment of knowledge and skills
    Refine your professional project
    Think about your internship search: which mission? which sector? which company?

The Be-U course is a diploma requirement; it is validated by the submission of an individual file at the end of 3 years.