Admission level

From Academic records with official equivalence to French Baccalaureate to Bac +2




Bac +3 visé - Bachelor


Full TimeWork Study




English and French


Le Figaro Etudiant's benchmarking of bachelor's programs in business schools accredited by the state - 2024


Le Parisien's ranking of post-baccalaureate business schools

Professional experience

KEDGE Bachelor's degree is a practical programme and focuses on professional experience.

Professional and international perspective

The international semester is optional

-either as an exchange in one of the school's partner universities:

  • BELGIUM: Hasselt University, Diepenbeek - KU Leuven Hubrussel, Brussels
  • CANADA: Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
  • CHINA: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou
  • DENMARK: University of Aalborg
  • GERMANY: Universität Otto von Guericke, Magdeburg
  • HUNGARY: University of Pècs
  • JAPAN: Ritsumeikan APU, Beppu
  • NETHERLANDS : HES Amsterdam School of Business - Tilburg University
  • POLAND: Cracow University of Economics
  • SENEGAL: BEM Dakar
  • SWEDEN: Karlstad University - Örebro University - Uppsala University
  • TAIWAN: Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei
  • U.S.A: George Mason University, Fairfax VA - University of Mississippi, Oxford MS - Montana State University, Bozeman MT
  • UNITED KINGDOM: University of Exeter - University of Liverpool - The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen - Cardiff University

-either on an internship in a company.

To help you finance your stay, check your eligibility for a mobility grant (Erasmus or other).

  • To be eligible for a work-study contract (apprenticeship or vocational training), the student and the company must ensure that the candidate is eligible to obtain a full-time work permit when the contract is signed. We strongly advise you to consult the information available on this subject on the Public Service website.
  • Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Bayonne, Bastia and Avignon campuses offer 3rd year apprenticeships, depending on the specialities.

Pro-Act pedagogy

Learning by doing is at the heart of the pedagogical system. This is why KEDGE has set up and developed the Pro-Act pedagogy (PROjet ACTion). On all the Group's campuses, the pedagogical teams support students' projects. In this way, they acquire quasi-professional experience and strengthen their employability.

All students in the Bachelor's Programme must undertake a Pro-Act programme during their course of study, in parallel with their courses, the validation of which is a prerequisite for obtaining the degree. Students are encouraged to implement a Pro-Act in their first year of study in the form of an individual or group project:

  • investment in the office of an association
  • project of an association of the school (to be carried out over two years)
  • any other idea or personal project