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Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


Full Time


September 2023



Presentation of the Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Finance

This sustainable finance programme trains professionals with a perfect command of financial tools and a dual expertise in both financial and extra-financial matters : a profile that is increasingly sought after by companies integrating new ethical and societal challenges into their investments and strategies.

  • Programme Overview

campus of Paris


Head of the MSc Sustainable Finance

Be a financial expert and make sustainable development possible

Finance is an indispensable tool in society, with objectives of profitability, performance, stability, and many others. However, considering social and environmental challenges, it must now evolve to understand them and propose solutions. The purpose of the Sustainable Finance Master of Science (MSc) programme is to train financial professionals with a vision of social and environmental responsibility, which is transmitted to the companies/organisations in which they are employed with a high level of performance.
We invite you to join a programme that is unique in France, positioned in an innovative and differentiating high-impact market, which trains professionals in equity and asset management, capable of thinking in an integrated way while mastering the issues of responsibility and sustainability. The skills acquired enable graduates to enter the financial professions with a micro, meso or macro-economic approach. Joining the Master of Science, MSc Sustainable Finance means making the choice of today's and tomorrow's finance with an innovative approach. Take a step ahead!

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

The MSc programme in Sustainable Finance is supported by the research chair CANDRIAM / KEDGE “Finance Reconsidered: Addressing Sustainable Economic Development”. CANDRIAM is a European multi-specialist asset manager, pioneer and recognized leader in responsible investing. 

  • Positioning of the Msc in an innovative, differentiating market
  • Training professionals in the field of equity and asset management
  • Ability to make decisions while mastering the issues of responsibility and sustainability

With the MSc Sustainable Finance programme, KEDGE gives students a background in international corporate finance with:

  • Possibility to do a 4 to 6 month exchange with a partner university during your first year (M1)
  • A full-time english curriculum in the second year (M2) at our Paris campus, taught by professors and lecturers working in France and abroad.

  • Team of professors known as experts in "Reconsidered Finance"
  • External speakers (consultants, asset managers, investment fund managers and analysts, etc), leaders in their respective fields – giving you a theoretical and practical approach based on their experience.

The MSc Sustainable Finance has a network of more than 40 partner companies (Axa Investment Managers, Caisse des dépots, Deloitte, Ecofi, Natixis CIB...) representing all sectors and careers in Finance in France and internationally. This helps streamline the search for internships in sustainable finance as well as in corporate finance, and facilitates the transition to the business world for students.

The MSc Sustainable Finance programme uses innovative teaching techniques focused on employability, mastery of tools and an international mindset :

  • Classroom and corporate cases
  • Mini-seminars
  • International workshops
  • Career conferences
  • Distance learning
  • IT applications
  • The opportunity to take the AMF certification test
  • Experiential learning (computer games, business plans)


With corporate strategy at its core, this training allows you to acquire expertise in financial practices and tools on :

  • long-term financial management: financing structures and choices, financial and intangible valuation, capital market financing, etc.
  • asset management: financial analysis and diagnosis, put into practice and familiarisation with IT tools such as Reuters, VBA, R ...

This sustainable finance course lets you acquire combined financial and non-financial expertise. This is often essential as financial careers move from mere asset management roles to those with a greater consideration of social issues in investment decisions and corporate financial choices. All MSc training streams include courses and lectures that deal with :

  • investor responsibility
  • extra-financial factors, and performance and impact factors in investing

A comprehensive English programme with teachers, instructors and network of international partners lets you interact in a globalized economy with an open mind towards the local community and rest of the world.
Open to the world and focused on the real needs of the market in sustainable finance and corporate finance, the MSc Sustainable Finance program gives you a head start to make a difference. During the course, you’ll adopt a new point of view on finance as it is today, and what it will be tomorrow thanks to our innovative teaching approach.

Thanks to the multisectoral approach of this course, you’ll be able to work in financial careers at the micro, meso or macro-environmental scale withintertiary, industrial or financial companies, start-ups, micro-enterprises, SMEs, listed companies on the stock market and national or supranational entities.


The campus is located in the Lumière building, which adjoins the lively Cour Saint-Émilion neighbourhood in Bercy Village, in the 12th arrondissement.

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