MSc, Master of Science Sustainable Finance

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Eduniversal 2024 French ranking - finance responsable / green finance category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - green finance category

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From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of ScienceDiploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education


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September 2024




Eduniversal 2024 French ranking - finance responsable / green finance category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - green finance category

MSc Sustainable Finance

Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, the Master of Science in Sustainable Finance offered by KEDGE Business School is designed for professionals seeking comprehensive expertise in sustainable finance. Delivered entirely in English, this programme equips participants with advanced knowledge of sustainable finance tools, specialising in extra-financial analysis and international finance. Graduates emerge with a finely honed skillset that meets the growing demand from companies navigating ethical and societal considerations in their investment decisions and strategic planning.

KEDGE Business School’s Master of Science Banking & Finance is a double degree programme. It delivers a Master of Science accredited by the conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) and a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
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Head of the MSc Sustainable Finance

Contribute to responsible financial decisions

Finance serves as an indispensable tool within society, striving for objectives such as profitability, performance, and stability. However, in light of the imperative need to address social and environmental challenges to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, finance must evolve to comprehend these complexities and offer tailored solutions. Positioned within an innovative and differentiating high-impact market, the MSc Sustainable Finance stands as a pioneering programme in France, the first of its kind. It equips finance professionals with a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility, which they transmit to the organisations they serve, fostering a macrosystemic perspective.

We extend an invitation to join a programme that nurtures expertise in asset management, climate risk assessment, biodiversity, thematic bonds, sustainability reporting, energy transition strategies, impact investing, international finance, macroeconomic modelling, and other pertinent subjects crucial for modern enterprises. By delving into the right questions and providing informed answers from both academia and industry professionals, our graduates gain mastery over sustainability challenges. Equipped with these skills, they seamlessly integrate into the labour market, ready to address economic challenges at the micro, meso, or macro levels. Choosing to enrol in the Master of Science Sustainable Finance signifies embracing a forward-thinking approach to finance, poised to shape both today's and tomorrow's financial landscapes.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

The MSc Sustainable Finance is in an innovative, differentiating programme composed of 2 main modules: fundamentals in finance and economics linked to sutainable issues and sustainable finance track. It trains professionals in asset management and extrafinancial analysis, and gives students the ability to contribute to responsible and sustainablesavvy decision making. The programme offers a highly sought-after profile for both financial and non-financial companies that are incorporating new ethical challenges into their strategies. Given the growing importance of ESG and extra-financial consulting for businesses, the programme prepares students by paying particular attention to ESG data, reporting, green bonds, biodiversity, climate risk and corporate social responsibility among others.

The programme enables students to acquire combined financial and extra-financial expertise with a focus on data, which are critical as careers in the financial sector shift from plain asset management to an increased emphasis on social and environmental issues in investment decisions. All training tracks in this Master of Science include courses, lectures, international workshops, career conferences and seminars that address investor responsibility and the inclusion of extra-financial, performance and impacting factors in decision-making. Joining this programme means making the choice of today’s and tomorrow’s finance with an innovative approach.

This MSc is supported by the research chair CANDRIAM / KEDGE "Finance Reconsidered: Addressing Sustainable Economic Development". CANDRIAM is a European multi-specialist asset management company, pioneer and recognised leader in responsible investment. Managing about €115bn of assets under management with a team of more than 500 professionals, it operates in Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris and London, serving clients in more than 20 countries on 4 continents. CANDRIAM offers innovative and diversified investment solutions in bonds, equities, absolute performance atrategies and asset allocation. Such a support provides valuable resources, expertise, and opportunities for students and faculty, enriching the educational experience and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of sustainable finance.

  • Team of professors known as experts in "Reconsidered Finance"
  • External speakers (consultants, asset managers, investment fund managers and analysts, etc), leaders in their respective fields – giving you a theoretical and practical approach based on their experience.
  • Innovative research projects

The MSc Sustainable Finance programme boasts an impressive network of over 40 partner companies, including industry giants such as Axa Investment Managers, Caisse des Dépôts, Deloitte, Ecofi, and Natixis CIB. This extensive network spans all sectors and careers in finance, both within France and on the international stage.

This robust partnership ecosystem significantly streamlines the process of securing internships, providing students with unparalleled access to opportunities in sustainable finance and corporate finance. It not only enhances practical learning experiences but also facilitates a smooth transition from academic studies to the professional world.

By collaborating closely with leading financial institutions and organisations, the programme ensures that students gain valuable insights and hands-on experience, preparing them to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape. This strategic alignment with top-tier companies underscores the programme's commitment to producing highly skilled, industry-ready professionals who are well-equipped to drive sustainable finance initiatives globally.

The MSc Sustainable Finance programme uses innovative teaching techniques focused on employability, mastery of tools and an international mindset :

  • Classroom and corporate cases
  • Mini-seminars
  • International workshops
  • Career conferences
  • Distance learning
  • IT applications
  • The opportunity to take the AMF certification test
  • Experiential learning (computer games, business plans)

Through the MSc Sustainable Finance programme, KEDGE offers students a background in international corporate finance featuring:

  • Opportunnity to engage in a 4 to 6 month exchange with a partner university during the first year (M1)
  • A full-time english curriculum in the second year (M2) at our Paris campus, taught by professors and lecturers with extensive experience both in france and internationally.


With corporate strategy at its core, this training allows you to acquire expertise in financial practices and tools on :

  • long-term financial management: financing structures and choices, financial and intangible valuation, capital market financing, etc.
  • asset management: financial analysis and diagnosis, put into practice and familiarisation with IT tools such as Reuters, VBA, R ...

This sustainable finance course lets you acquire combined financial and non-financial expertise. This is often essential as financial careers move from mere asset management roles to those with a greater consideration of social issues in investment decisions and corporate financial choices. All MSc training streams include courses and lectures that deal with :

  • investor responsibility
  • extra-financial factors, and performance and impact factors in investing

A comprehensive English programme with teachers, instructors and network of international partners lets you interact in a globalized economy with an open mind towards the local community and rest of the world.
Open to the world and focused on the real needs of the market in sustainable finance and corporate finance, the MSc Sustainable Finance program gives you a head start to make a difference. During the course, you’ll adopt a new point of view on finance as it is today, and what it will be tomorrow thanks to our innovative teaching approach.

Thanks to the multisectoral approach of this course, you’ll be able to work in financial careers at the micro, meso or macro-environmental scale withintertiary, industrial or financial companies, start-ups, micro-enterprises, SMEs, listed companies on the stock market and national or supranational entities.

Why join the MSc Sustainable Finance at KEDGE?

Joining the MSc Sustainable Finance programme at KEDGE offers a unique blend of high-quality education, practical skills, and career advancement opportunities. KEDGE, with its triple accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS), ensures top-tier academic standards and is renowned for its specialised curriculum that covers fundamentals in finance and economics linked to sustainable issues with subjects such as climate risk issues, global economy & geopolitics and a sustainable finance track including modules such CSR and sustainable reporting. The programme is taught in English by experienced faculty, providing a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical insights. Students benefit from extensive networking opportunities with industry professionals, enhancing their career prospects in finance roles focused on sustainability. The global perspective of the programme prepares students for diverse international markets, while the strategic locations of KEDGE campus in Paris provide vibrant cultural experiences and access to major financial hubs. Comprehensive support services, including career counselling and internship placements, further aid students in achieving their professional goals, making the MSc Sustainable Finance at KEDGE an excellent choice for those committed to advancing their careers and contributing to sustainable development.

This course is designed for applicants with a minimum of a four-year degree and proficiency in English. For more information on programme requirements, tuition fees, scholarships and how to apply, please visit the dedicated admission page. Start your journey now to become a future leader in sustainable finance.