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  • AMS Conseil works just like a consulting firm by offering marketing and financial studies to businesses and administrations.
  • AMS is the most professionalising association at KEDGE, thus joining us is a huge advantage for your resume and the start of your career.
  • We are continually in touch with professionals, allowing us to conduct around 30 market studies for 100K euros of revenue.
  • With more than 50 years of experience, joining AMS equates joining a huge network of former members that coach us and advise us on our career paths. 
  • However, AMS remains a KEDGE student association, offering a great atmosphere and team buildings.

In 2020, we are very proud to celebrate our 50 years anniversary, proving the sustainability of our association!

AMS Conseil

Main events:

  • Kick-Off Weekend
  • Congrès National d'Hiver: a weekend of trainings delivered by our partners, gathering all French Junior Entreprises
  • Congrès Régional de Printemps: same as the above event, but only gathering the Junior Entreprises of the area

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