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Lumin’Arts is the arts office (BDA) of KEDGE BS Marseille since more than twenty years. It focuses on art and cultural events and gathers roughly fifty students every year around several projects, making Lumin’Arts the biggest French BDA in terms of budget and reuniting more than 17,000 festival-goers yearly.  

Our values? Promoting art and cultural access to Kedgers and the inhabitants of Marseille, thanks to our various free festivals and the practice of arts.

Joining Lumin’Arts grants the opportunity to (re)discover the practice of dance, music, singing, cinema, join a musical or create a project dear to your hearth.  

Lumin’Arts also welcomes those who simply have an interest for arts and culture. Indeed, you can also participate to the organisation of free festivals! From comics to street art, going through sustainable development or music, we offer various festivals in line with our goal to democratise cultural access.

Our association also pursues its mission within the School, by offering events uniting the other associations and participating to the Trophée des Arts (Arts’ Trophy), THE artistic competition in Barcelona. It also allows us to get involved in the communication division or to be in contact with partners able to liven up the association and the campus.

Above all, joining Lumin’Arts will make you live unique and memorable experiences with a close-knit and driven team!



Main events:

  • Sup d'impro
  • Sup de Star
  • Festtival Etang D'Arts x Calligraff'it (multi-artistic and street art festival)

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