BUREAU DES ÉLÈVES (Students Office) - Marseille



students at the WEI (Kick-Off Weekend)

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lists PGE and Post-bac


The Bureau Des Elèves (BDE) is the students’ association.

The association’s main mission is to liven up the School’s life by organising events.

Indeed, the BDE organises the biggest Kick-Off Weekend in France, club and pub nights out all along the year, afterworks, events within the School, the annual end-year Gala, and the campaign for the candidates lists for the BDE.

Its second mission is students’ support. The BDE links the administration and the students. It represents the 4000 students on the campus, spreads information, defends your interests, supports you during your defences, and is always on the lookout for the best partners to offer you a maximum of advantages.

The BDE is a family of roughly twenty students representing the different training programmes, elected after an intense and thrilling campaign. They are fully invested in easing and enlivening Kegder’s lives both within and outside the School.

True living space, the BDE office is always opened to answer your questions, help you and entertain you (game stations, table football, air hockey, outdoor area).

Main events:

  • Kick-Off Weekend
  • Student parties (Wall to Wall, Bye bye ...)
  • End of the year Gala

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