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The Bureau des Sports (BDS) manages the School's sport life. With no less than 35 members, each one of them being a coach in their favorite sport, the BDS works all year long to offer training sessions and ensure our teams' performance during contests. Every year, a new team takes up the management of the BDS (elected each february after a campaign) and can offer new sports to Kedgers. Besides the training sessions and the participation to the best student sport contests, the BDS also organises sporting and more festive events throughout the year, different from one year to the next - as each BDS brings its own ideas to the table. Being a member of the BDS is a truly fulfiling and professionalising experience.

All of our sports are represented by a women and a men's team!

BDS team

Main events:

  • Férias de la Victoire
  • Garonne Derby (against Toulouse Business School)
  • Challenge Ecricome