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Created in 1961, the Bureau des Sports (BDS) is the School’s sports association.

The BDS has 22 members between 9 specific competence centres. Each year, the BDS manages more than 600 memberships, generating half a million euros of revenue and making it the biggest French BDS.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the BDS of Marseille achieved historical sports results (5 national finals and 3rd French business school in the Business Cool sports ranking)

Almost 200 students are involved in several projects and commissions of the association, aiming to place sports at the hearth of Kedgers lives.

The BDS is striving to be the driving force in sports practice within the School, by offering its services to all students.

Thanks to its development, the core of the association’s activities revolves around three main axes: sports management, KEDGE’s community and events.

Our projects:

  • Les Voiles de Kedge (Kedge’s Sails)
  • Xperience
  • Team Challenge
  • South Wind Days
  • Massilia Shout Out

Our commissions:

  • Balle de Match (Match Point)
  • Raid’It
  • Kedge Fighters
  • La Gaule d’Acier (Iron Gaul)
  • Cagolettes (Cheerleading team)
  • Coupe de natation des ESC (French business schools swimming cup)
  • Horse & Co

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Main events:

  • Derby de la Provence
  • Semineige
  • Challenge Ecricome
  • Course Croisière Edhec (Edhec's cruise race)
  • South Wind Days
  • Le Bal des Bleus
  • White Boat

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