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Clepsydre is KEDGE Business School Marseille students' and citizens' non-partisan forum. Since 2009, it strives to encourage speaking up and debates within the School.

Our activity is divided in four main centres that converge towards a common objective: promoting culture, information and discussions.

  • Conferences: entrepreneurship, rap music, sports, but also geopolitics, pornography, feminism or ecology, our conferences approach various thematics and aim at allowing KEDGE Business School students and Marseille citizens to learn, meet, and exchange with prominent experts in several domains.
  • Marseille Cité Éloquente: each year, we organise a major eloquence contest in partnership with the Phoenix Egalité des Chances association. It aims at giving voice to those who speak the least.
  • Journalism: we produce short video interviews and host a weekly show at Dynam'hit, the School's radio. Thus, we participate to the dissemination of information by making it readily available to the greatest number.
  • Development: we offer our services to businesses wishing to benefit from our knowledge in communication, logistic, and events organisation.

On top of it, Clepsydre also organises cafe-debates with the Foyer, pub quizzes, and the Grand Quizz Inter associations (a major inter-association cultural quiz)!

Main events:

  • Marseille Cité Eloquente oratory contest
  • The launch of our "Le Sablier Média" page from our journalism centre, with a Patrick Poivre d'Arvor interview 
  • The conference with the Nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus

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