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Diambars Med is a branch of Diambars, a Senegalese football institute which particularity is to train its beneficiaries to the labour market on top of football.

Our association focuses on education, cultural discovery and social integration for youngsters from Marseille underprivileged districts  through sports. In Marseille, we implemented no less than 7 socio-educational projects, through which we help high-schoolers to discover jobs in the sports and cultural worlds, but also Marseille's landmarks and famous personalities. 

Joining Diambars is above all sharing values, embodying joyfulness, and truly wanting to get things moving. Diambars is a family, who only hopes to get bigger.

Diambars is using a passion for sport as a driving force for education


Main events:

  • Stade Sup’
  • Welc’Home 
  • Les Guerrières du Foot Marseillais 

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