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Dynam'hit, a KEDGE Marseille student association, is an eclectic musical media broadcasting through several channels (website, live shows, interviews...) and an actor of  Marseille's cultural fabric.

At first a blog publishing podcasts and then our webradio platform, the website has always been at the heart of our activity. Since the beginning, we use it to share our passion and knowledge of music in general.

Dynam'hit reaches to students but also to all music lovers from Marseille or elsewhere. On our Facebook page, we offer live shows about several subjects: rap, sports or pop culture.

Dynam'hit webzine focuses on musical news through articles, game contests, live reports and interviews published on a regular basis.

Dynam'hit is also an actor of Marseille cultural life thanks to the organisation of events and the collaboration with several actors such as the Bar Lochness, the Cabaret Aléatoire, the One Again Club and many others. Moreover, our media is accredited for numerous concerts and festivals in Marseille (Marsatac, Delta Festival...) and summer festivals (Les Eurockéennes, Dour...)

Finally, Dynam'hit works on two independent projects. Since 2013, Dynam'hit oversees the 13OP music collective, a Marseille-based agency promoting events through artists-in-residence programmes for electronic music, and the Sadikoi project, promoting hip-hop culture through shows, Rap Contenders and the production of a yearly album.

Main events:

  • Odys'set - Private themed party in atypical locations in Marseille

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