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The Foyer des élèves is the School's associative bar and a central point of life on the campus, at the heart of students' lives. It is also the biggest office in the School, with its chill area, video game area, and outside area to enjoy your coffee under the sun. 

We sell a wealth of products, including salty and sweet snacks, cans, hot drinks and many other things at affordable prices for the students' pleasure.

Moreover, each week, we offer concert or festival (such as les Ardentes or Marsatac) tickets, advantages for clubs, pubs, public transportation, banks, insurances... representing more than 30 partnerships to improve students' well-being. 

Events are not lacking at the Foyer: from the KEDGE Awards to the Régalade pub nights, going through club evenings, we also offer several animations such as themed weeks and cafe-debates to liven up the life on campus.

So, when are we meeting at the Foyer?


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Main events:

  • Soirée Pernaud
  • KEDGE Awards
  • Régalade pub nights

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