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Kallistos's scope of activity is dual: the central purchasing office offers personalised textiles and goodies to other associations at KEDGE but also to external clients such as schools and businesses. It also manages the School's official shop where you can find numerous products all year long.

Managed as a real company, Kallistos is centered around two main activities:

  • The School's official shop: we offer all types of products designed especially for Kedgers, and which bear the KEDGE Business School logo. From design to marketing, we manage all the necessary steps to put the products on sale in the shop: caps, laptop sleeves, T-shirts, swimming shorts, etc.
  • The central purchasing office: Kallistos provides apparel for associations, projects, and commissions. Every association needs personalised clothing or goodies, and the central purchasing office does just that! But we also work with companies, festivals, and other external clients, and offer competitive prices after working upstream with our suppliers.

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Main events:

  • School year sweatshirts launch evening
  • Régalistos in partnership with the Foyer

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