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KEDGE Bee's was funded in 2018 by 10 KEDGE's students wishing to preserve bees, by putting up beehives within the School.

Four beehives were put up in 2019 in one of the building's patio and were filled with bees right away. In 2019, we harvested more than 115kgs of honey, that were sold during our events throughout the year.

We wish to raise awareness about CSR approaches and the importance of pollinating insects, which are endangered today. Our approach strives to be thorough, fun, and sustainable. 

Our association overflows with all types of projects: creation of a national federation with Bee Responsible (Neoma Rouen's beekeeping association), beekeeping trainings for the members of the association, honey harvests, and events about our star product, honey!

If you are a dreamer but also an entrepreneur, an ambitious project such as Kedge Bee's is the right fit for you.

Kedge Bee's team

Main events:

  • Launch of our honey sales with Yeast
  • Organisation of the Conférence Biodiversité (Biodiversity Conference) during KEDGE's Sustainable Development week
  • Participation in the student COP