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  • Chair: Andrea POTEL -

What is LinKedge Evénementiel?

Our association focuses on the creation of a professional network for the students. The network is developed through the organisation of 3 main sports events: the Golf Cup (golf tournament), Jeu Set & Match (tennis tournament), and the Euromed's Cup (sailing regatta) which is our key event. During these events, students form bonds with managers by sharing quality time, for instance a whole day of sailing regatta.

Beyond this core activity, an atypical branch is developing year after year: the Agence, a communication agency. It performs community management services such as creating and managing social networks, creating websites, and counseling in digital strategy for businesses.

Our clients ? Décathlon Aubagne, Accesud interim agency, Berbiguier car dealership, SBL Sport Consulting (nautical sports consulting agency) and many others.

LinKedge, creating networks, developing passions.


Main events:

  • Golf Cup
  • Euromed'Cup
  • Jeu Set & Match

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