Marketing Mediterrannée


300K €

of revenue each year


market studies conducted each year


of our market studies are conducted for CAC40 businesses


Founded in 1969, Marketing Méditerranée is the most highly decorated Junior-Entreprise in France and Europe. A Junior-Entreprise is a junior consultancy firm managed solely by students.

We support businesses with their strategy or communication by conducting market studies, communication plans, business plans or business models for start-ups, Small-Medium Businesses (SMEs), and Key Accounts such as Airbus, CMA-CGM or L'Oréal. We realise on average 300,000 euros of revenue yearly.

During their first year at Marketing Méditerrannée, each consultant conducts thorough market studies, from commercial proposal to final output delivery. During the second year, you will manage with a team a true business and bear the responsabilities of your division on top of your consulting role. 

The values at Marketing Méditerranée: Work, Personal Investment, Professionalism.


Meuh Meuh ensures a strong link between each mandate since 50 years. Each year, we organise events with our former members: teambuilding, kick-off weekend, afterworks, Meuh Meuh anniversary... We also participate in events organised by the biggest French student association, the CNJE (Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises in French). Every year, we meet all French Junior-Entrepreneurs during four weekends.

The values at Meuh-Meuh: Respect, Fellowship, Team Spirit. 

Main events:

  • National Summer Congress of Junior-Entreprises
  • Marketing Méditerranée 50 years anniversary
  • 10 years anniversary of our partnership with Junior CentraleSupélec

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