Phoenix - Égalité des Chances









Funded in 2011, Phoenix Egalité des Chances is the social association at KEDGE Marseille.

Its belief? Equal access to education disminishes inequalities! To this end, more than 130 KEDGE's students work hard to allow more than 300 youngsters from Marseille's disadvantaged neighbourhoods to access excellency each year!

Thus, Phoenix focuses on three main axes:

  • Educational tutoring: personnal and collective tutoring sessions
  • Cultural awareness: debates, keeping-up with the news sessions
  • Guidance about educational tracks and the associated careers

The association works on 9 projects, out of which 5 received the State accreditation "Cordées de la réussite", recognising them of public interest.

The first vocation of our association is to promote equal opportunities for all by supporting Marseille's pupils from intermediate and senior schools whose social environment does not predispose them to educational success, and organising each year travels and cultural trips in France and Europe for youngsters that does not have the opportunity to discover the world.

Phoenix is also a huge network of former students and former pupils from our excellency programme, built upon 10 years of existence!


Main events:

  • SimONU Égalité des chances
  • Oratory contests, Marseille Cité Eloquente 
  • Olympiades 

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