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With SimONU you will put yourself in the shoes of a United Nations (UN) diplomat and improve your knowledge in geopolitics.

SimONU is an association allowing you to debate about important subjects for today and tomorrow.

SimONU is an association allowing you to travel and discover, notably the different UN headquarters.

SimONU is an association allowing you to meet people all over the word coming from everywhere.

SimONU is an association allowing you to greatly improve your English skills, since the simulations are held in English.

Simulations are held in several countries all over the world!


Main events:

  • KBMUN (MUN: Model United Nations), the simulation that SimONU's organises, attracting roughly 100 students from across the world at KEDGE Bordeaux.
  • Jeunes et Diplomates, the simulation that SimONU organises in partnership with highschools in Educational Priority Areas, so that the youth can take part in the game and maybe discover a new passion.
  • NMUN, the two most prestigious simulations worldwide, to which our association participates in March and September in New-York and Washington, gathering almost 2000 students from the best universities in the world!
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