SIMONU - Marseille



Models of United Nations (MUN) each year


awards at the Washington, DC MUN in 2019


General Assembly simulations



SimONU is the geopolitical association at KEDGE BS Marseille, organising simulations of United Nations (UN) General Assemblies on the campus.

SimONU's mission is to promote debates, UN values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the School. Concomitantly to the events, SimONU members participate in Models of United Nations (MUN) simulations abroad, including two of the most prestigious: Washington DC NMUN and New-York NMUN. Due to its 12 years of experience, SimONU is regularly distinguished during these events, gathering more than 1000 international students.

For 3 years, SimONU has been rethinking its Business Model to become self-sufficient. It now offers prestations to external clients, an opportunity for development.

 Main events:

  • SimONU Prépa 
  • Model of United Nations of Washington DC 
  • Model of United Nations of New-York City

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