The Confederation of associations - Marseille







  • Chair: Faouzi FIEVE -
  • Treasurer: Loréna PIERSANTI - Loré
  • General secretary: Juliette MARQUES -
  • Communication manager: Nina DUMONTET -
  • Event manager: Baptiste BROUARD -

KEDGE’s Confederation of Associations represents all the associations on the Marseille campus. It is the “association of associations” and represents the 24 Presidents of each association.

The Confederation acts as a link between the administration and the associations, and is there to support members of the associations with legal, financial and organisational problems. In order to provide the most comprehensive support, the Confederation also works in collaboration with a lawyer and an accounting firm.

The Confederation plays a key role in the life of an association:

  • It manages the organisation of the school's events during the year.
  • It organises and  manages the association's recruitment for the new year.
  • It organises the Kick-Start Weekend, which enables the associations to meet their counterparts from Bordeaux and Toulon.
  • It helps the  associations reviewing and adjusting all accounts before the end of the fiscal year, in collaboration with the accounting firm.
  • It works in collaboration with the administration and the other CDA (Confederation of Associations) in order to allocate budget to the different associations in all campuses, in particular for Marseille.