BEM Dakar / KEDGE Business School and BOLLORÉ Transport & Logistics to increase their cooperation with the signature of a major international partnership

PRESS RELEASE – 06.07.18

BEM Dakar / KEDGE Business School and BOLLORÉ Transport & Logistics to increase their cooperation with the signature of a major international partnership

BEM Dakar / KEDGE Business School and Bolloré Transport & Logistics have announced the creation of a partnership, which was signed by Dr Pape Madické Diop, CEO of BEM Dakar, and David-Alexandre Fournier, Human Resources Director at Bolloré Transport & Logistics, on Friday 29 June 2018 in Dakar on the campus of BEM Dakar at Sacré Cœur 3 Pyrotechnique.

The partnership agreement between these three organisations will make it possible for BEM Dakar, KEDGE Business School and their students to benefit from Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ know how and will also provide Bolloré Transport & Logistics with all the collaboration potential of an establishment whose quality is today widely recognised. This link-up between the three organisations bears witness to a wish on both sides to develop skills thanks to the potential for professionalisation and innovation which relationships of this kind between educational establishments and companies can generate.

The joint objective is to establish a long-term partnership between BEM Dakar, KEDGE Business School and Bolloré Transport & Logistics, based on a close, high-quality working relationship.

Over the space of 10 years, BEM Dakar has successfully built up a unique international network of partner companies who are leaders in their respective sectors. The partnership established with Bolloré Transport & Logistics further consolidates this network and provides added value to our students and graduates, supporting them as they develop valuable skills and a wider knowledge of the industrial challenges of transport and logistics” explained Dr Pape Madické Diop.

This partnership clearly illustrates the major role played by BEM Dakar and KEDGE alongside companies based in West Africa, added José Milano, Director General of KEDGE Business School. Our expertise enables us both to develop Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ brand as a recruiter across the continent and to propose support for the group’s activities in the supply chain management and maritime logistics fields”.

With this partnership, Bolloré Transport & Logistics is actively engaging with talented young people in Africa, encouraging them to discover its activities, whether operational or functional, during the five years of their studies. Thanks to numerous targeted initiatives (business conferences, HR workshops, job-dating, welcoming interns, etc.), Bolloré Transport & Logistics is keen to establish itself as a showcase future employer in Africa.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics conducts a local recruitment policy in all the countries where it operates to ensure better on-site integration of its activities. Trained in management and fully aware of business-related challenges, these African students represent a valuable source of future high potential executive staff for our various subsidiaries" said David-Alexandre Fournier, Human Resources Director at Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

Please see attached a photo of the signature of the partnership agreement (royalty free photo for the press) in the presence of: Mr David Alexandre FOURNIER, Human Resources Director at Bolloré Transport & Logistics, Assane NDIAYE, Human Resources Director at Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Senegal, Dr Pape Madické DIOP,

CEO of BEM Dakar, Christophe PUJALTE, Regional Director Atlantic Africa at Bolloré Transport & Logistics, and Mamadou Racine SY, Chairman of the Bolloré Transport & Logistics Executive Board.

About Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is a major international transport and logistics operator with 36,700 employees across 105 countries on five continents. Specialising in multimodal transport, the group is active in 4 businesses: Bolloré Ports, Bolloré Logistics, Bolloré Railways and Bolloré Energy. Thanks to its many investments, the Group reached in 2017 a turnover of €7.9 billion. Bolloré Transport & Logistics is today one of the five largest logistics operators in Europe, 10th in the world, and the main transport group in Africa.

About BEM Dakar

BEM Dakar is a private higher education establishment which trains and supports African managers, enabling them to be immediately operational and ready to assume management responsibilities. In doing so, it seeks to make a decisive contribution to the emergence and consolidation of a strong African conscience, one which is open to progress, bold, ambitious, hard-working and responsible. In a world characterised by complexity and uncertainty, in Africa BEM has positioned itself as a graduate school able to train specialists ready to face the challenges of the global economy, to effect change and to embrace new horizons. BEM Dakar is a showcase school of innovation in Africa thanks to the diversity of its range of courses and training, its close ties to companies and its academic and international mobility programmes.

BEM Dakar in brief

  • 28 management programmes• 215 lecturers
  • 16 partner universities
  • 20 prestigious companies and institutions participating in the Strategic Orientation Committee
  • 1,000 students including 600 undergoing continuous professional development
  • 40% international students
  • 20 nationalities.

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