Highlighting the value of an intangible cultural heritage


Highlighting the value of an intangible cultural heritage by Diego Rinallo, Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Culture at KEDGE Business School

In the face of intensive agriculture and livestock farming, highlighting the value of local products requires a differentiated marketing strategy. Diego Rinallo, associate professor in marketing and consumer culture and associate researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Marketing and the Culture Creative Industries Research Centre at KEDGE Business School, is the guest of XERFI Canal to share his analysis on a case of highlighting the value of intangible cultural heritage.

In his work, Diego Rinallo is involved in the Alpfoodway project – which aims to develop the traditional food culture of the Alps, with a sustainable economy strategy to promote the attractiveness of the Alps through a food and culinary identity, while protecting the environment – to provide his expertise in consumer culture theory.

Diego Rinallo stresses the importance of the know-how and tradition of alpine products to consumers and tourists

looking for authenticity: “A real asset to promoting alpine tourism products,” comments KEDGE’s marketing professor.

According to Diego Rinallo, this is a heritage that needs to be preserved. This is why the ultimate mission of the Alpfoodway project is to create the conditions for the inscription of alpine food culture in the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In terms of marketing, Diego Rinallo advocates taste education and storytelling, emphasizing the experiential marketing approach by “creating experiences that communicate heritage in a more persuasive way than traditional advertising”, explains this teacher and researcher.

Diego Rinallo is available for any requests, interviews or reports concerning this news item, in English or in French.

See the full XERFI interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AM1Nj5JPcg&feature=youtu.be

For more information on the Alpfoodway project, visit: www.alpfoodway.eu and https://www.a lpine-space.eu/projects/alpfoodway/en/home

KEDGE research professors are regularly invited to the Xerfi Canal studio to discuss topics related to their research subjects. The video series, which was launched back in September, will continue to be gradually unveiled to the press.

More about Diego Rinallo

Diego Rinallo is an associate professor of marketing and consumer culture at KEDGE Business School. Before, he was assistant professor of marketing at Bocconi University in Milan, which conferred on him his PhD in Business Administration. His research explores marketing and consumption from a cultural perspective, with a focus on gender, food, heritage, fashion, advertising, spirituality and religion. He is a world-class expert on the trade fair industry, and his research focuses on the role these collective marketing events play in the global knowledge economy. His work has been published in top-ranking scientific journals such as the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Business Ethics, and prestigious publishing houses such as Oxford University Press. Examples of his work are available at https://kedgebs.academia.edu/DiegoRinallo

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