Jérémy Cukierman, Master of Wine, has been appointed as Director of the KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy

PRESS RELEASE – 25/07/2018

Jérémy Cukierman, Master of Wine, has been appointed as Director of the KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy

KEDGE Business School is pleased to announce that Jérémy Cukierman has been appointed as Director of the Wine & Spirits Academy, which includes all of its specialised programmes in wine and spirits management and its activities for professionals and companies in the industry, both in France and abroad. Jérémy Cukierman replaces Jacques-Olivier Pesme who is leaving the KEDGE group.

A Master of Wine since 2017, Jérémy Cukierman has worked with more than 200 winegrowers from France and abroad for the last fifteen years. He began his career in the wine trade as a wine merchant, with shops in Paris, and an event agency. He now consults for private customers and wine companies, writes for the French magazine Vigneron and the Italian magazine Civiltà del Bere. He is also currently working on a book about cult winemakers from all around the world.

KEDGE has gained incomparable visibility and recognition in the wines and spirits sector thanks to the work carried out by Jacques-Olivier Pesme and I would like to sincerely thank him for this. Jérémy Cukierman will have the task of accelerating the development of the Wine & Spirits Academy’s activities, drawing firstly upon the excellence of our research centre and secondly upon his expertise and professional contacts in this sector, explained José Milano, Director General of KEDGE. In terms of enhancing the range of services we provide for both students and companies, it’s naturally a major advantage for KEDGE to have a Master of Wine working with our teacher researchers”.

Master of Wine is the wine world’s most prestigious distinction. This extremely selective exam includes a series of blind tastings, a theoretical part and a ‘research paper’. A future Master of Wine must be able to handle both the challenges of wine growing and issues relating to the marketing and sociology of wine. There are today only 370 Masters of Wine throughout the world. Jérémy Cukierman is one of the six French Masters of Wine. He has also been awarded the Madame Bollinger medal for excellence in tasting and outstanding achievement in the Institute of Masters of Wine practical examination.

Kedge Business School has already clearly demonstrated its commitment to quality and its skills in terms of education in the wine & spirits field. With the teams, the researchers, our network in the wine and spirits industry, the existing training courses and a soon-to-be-expanded programme range, I intend to make our wines and spirits department the reference for French or foreign students”, announced Jérémy Cukierman.

Jérémy Cukierman will replace Jacques-Olivier Pesme who is leaving the group following the end of the agreement which, at the time of the merger in 2013, provided for the provision of the Bordeaux CCI’s staff to the KEDGE association until 30 June 2018.

KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy

The KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy is based in Bordeaux, worldwide capital of wine. With a presence at the heart of the various bodies of the wine-producing industry, relaying information and influence, the Wine & Spirits Academy not only has the aim of training managers in the wine and spirits sector but also of supporting changes in the industry by offering help in decision-making, by developing local & international projects to provide economic support to stakeholders and by channelling momentum.

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