KEDGE Executive Education is expanding its international offer with three new “Advanced Executive Master Programmes”

PRESS RELEASE – 25.06.2020

KEDGE Executive Education is expanding its international offer with three new “Advanced Executive Master Programmes”

Building on its widely recognised expertise in Purchasing Management, Supply Chain Management, Innovation and Health, KEDGE is expanding its range of international continuing education programmes in these three areas of excellence. From the beginning of the 2020 academic year, three new “Advanced Executive Master Programmes” will be available to professionals on the Paris campus :

  • “Global Supply Chain Management, ISLI”, 
  • “International Purchasing Management, MAI”, 
  • “Leading Innovation &Transformation for the Healthcare Industry, LITHE”

These new programmes are aimed at international managers in France and/or abroad who wish to upgrade their professional skills and acquire a dual scientific/technical and managerial competence. Every programme is accessible to experienced managers looking for a new or more challenging approach to their job. Their objective is to develop these managers into management positions. They are delivered exclusively in English, by an international team of lecturers and professional speakers, over a one-year period. 20 to 25 places will be open in each course.

In response to issues relating to the flexibility of training time management and travel costs, KEDGE Executive Education provides blended learning programmes, a format combining remote with in-person courses. This format is suited to the managerial reality in companies in an international context of project management, while allowing for more flexibility in everyone’s learning abilities. Immersion seminars are organised with the school’s historical partners to add variety to the course environments and develop the experiential dimension of these programmes.

Advanced Executive Master Programme in Global Supply Chain Management – ISLI

The objective of the ISLI Advanced Executive programme is to ensure the executives who come through it become Supply Chain managers, capable of addressing tomorrow’s challenges with reactivity and flexibility, in an increasingly global and complex environment.

The course provides the following techniques and skills :

  • Develop a strategic perspective of the Supply Chain so as to propose tangible actions for all stages and functions of the Supply Chain on cross-cutting levels 
  • Develop critical thinking and an ability to design innovative solutions 
  • Acquire skills to understand the factors that affect Supply Chain results and make decisions to improve performance 
  • Gain key expertise in the latest concepts, methods and techniques in Supply Chain Management, such as

Analytical Supply Chain

  • Build know-how in Leadership and Team Management in order to represent the Supply Chain function within the organisation and with external stakeholders.

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Advanced Executive Master Programme in Purchasing Management – MAI

The MAI Advanced Executive Programme is aimed at executives seeking to contribute to the development of their company through Purchasing. This training course will set them on a Purchasing management path. It reviews the main techniques of purchasing management and the parties involved in the customer-supplier relationship. It also proposes to develop a new set of skills in terms of managing responsible and innovative purchasing, and dealing with the changes this entails.

With this programme, Purchasing managers will develop a broad range of knowledge and know-how such as :

  • Contribution of the Purchasing function to the company’s strategy 
  • Sustainable development through Purchasing 
  • Collaborative innovation and Purchasing 
  • Financial analysis of suppliers and costs Purchasing management and operational techniques 
  • Negotiations 
  • Legal environment for purchases and sales 
  • Leadership and management of Purchasing teams and their stakeholders 
  • Change and transformation management 
  • Marketing strategies relating to Purchasing

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Advanced Executive Master Programme in Leading Innovation & Transformation for the Healthcare Industry – LITHE

Headed by a former health industry executive and developed in conjunction with key companies in the sector, the objective of the LITHE programme is to enable scientists and health industry professionals to acquire a dual scientific and managerial competence. They will work on acquiring the knowledge and expertise needed to progress in advanced managerial functions involving a high level of responsibility. The course focuses on building proficiency in innovation processes, which has emerged as a key skill for operating in a competitive environment of continuous scientific and technological changes.

Participants will acquire the skills to :

  • Reinvent the company’s strategy 
  • Manage multidisciplinary teams in a complex environment 
  • Revisit and enhance business models 
  • Innovate and sharpen the competitive edge 
  • Disseminate innovation to transform values and operating methods 
  • Drive innovation-related Marketing and Market Access strategies 
  • Anticipate and stimulate their creativity to propose new services 
  • Identify and propose responses to new emerging needs 
  • Exchange with national and international regulatory structures 
  • Generate value on national and global markets 
  • Become more socially and environmentally responsible

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