KEDGE is launching the first digital higher education incubator for its start-ups

PRESS RELEASE – 31.07.2020
KEDGE is one of the ten “Business School Champions for Entrepreneurship” according to Forbes magazine, and the leading one according to Le Parisien. Recognised for its activities and for its whole approach to entrepreneurship for its students and graduates, KEDGE is innovating once again and reinforcing its support for start-ups. KEDGE’S incubator, the Business Nursery, now proposes a 100% digital solution, totally accessible remotely.

The aim of this new service is to continue the growth in company start-ups by students and graduates in France, off-campus, abroad or in companies as part of sandwich training, under optimal conditions” explains KEDGE’S General Manager, Alexandre de Navailles.

The incubator’s members undertake a programme of virtual classes and webinars to encourage dialogue among participants. They receive tailored support, including monitoring by qualified coaches and lead coaches for each field (sales, marketing, fundraising, legal affairs, etc.). Additionally, from the autumn term onwards, managers having already graduated from KEDGE will give attendance-based conferences once a month to inspire them and to raise awareness of the problems encountered by company managers.

Fully aware that the “all-virtual” solution cannot succeed without a strong and close community, the Business Nursery has chosen to focus on sharing and on a collective spirit, both key aspects of this programme. Each week, the future entrepreneurs work and interact together during co-development workshops and meetings, thereby benefiting from a variety of feedback.
As with all intakes of incubator members, the intakes for the KEDGE digital incubator will have access to the extensive KEDGE Entrepreneurship network, to benefits for partners, and to the alumni network for coaching, in addition to the various events organised regularly by the Business Nursery.

Around ten pre-selected projects are currently supported. From September onwards, a new call for applications will be launched among the network of KEDGE students and graduates.

About the Business Nursery:

Founded in 2012, the Business Nursery proposes a range of services to support the different development stages of the start-ups created by students or graduates from KEDGE. Available on the Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon campuses. All of these solutions are covered by the French Tech label. Services:

  • Regular individual coaching sessions covering a large number of themes,
  • Access to practical workshops & conferences run by experts or successful entrepreneurs on subjects such as: growth hacking, pitch training, strategy, finance, legal affairs, business development, recruitment, internationalisation and fundraising,
  • Assistance from a team from the Business Nursery,
  • Mentoring by Kedge alumni in the sector concerned,
  • Privileged access to the co-working areas on our campuses,
  • Networking with students from other fields to favour the emergence of multidisciplinary teams,
  • Access to all product partnerships,
  • Presentation of prototypes to companies with the aim of testing the “fast-tracked” members’ products/services.

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