KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy is now KEDGE Wine School

 PRESS RELEASE – 17.11.2020 

KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy is now KEDGE Wine School : A new identity accessible at the new website : 

KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy, a reference in higher education in wine and spirits management, is now the KEDGE Wine School. This new identity is reinforced by the launch of its new website, a showcase for all training courses, including two prestigious courses in wine and spirits, ranked 2nd and 3rd on the Eduniversal ranking. 

The KEDGE wine and spirits department now has a new name, the “KEDGE Wine School” instead of the “KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy”. The name focuses on its core business, higher education, whose first vocation is teaching through experience and academic excellence. A new website has been developed for the occasion. It combines five ongoing and initial training programmes, including two new ones, partnerships and research. 

The new programmes 

Despite a complicated health and economic context, the school is moving forward. In September 2020, Commercialisation Appliquée Vins & Spiritueux (Applied Wine & Spirits Marketing - CAVES) was launched for the fall session with 20 students in Bordeaux. As for the Master of Science in wine & spirits management, offered with the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and the MVS in wine & spirits management, they are diversifying with the wine and spirit module at the Campus du Lac (IPC), focused on tasting and wine tourism. 

Returning to school in September 2021 Worldsom, training in the career of sommelier, will welcome 20 students to the Paris Campus. Lastly, KEDGE Wine School is going to offer two new specialised bachelor’s degrees dealing with wine tourism and sustainable development. These two new degree tracks will be opened at the Marseille and Toulon Campuses. 

Two new partners 

While the courses may be taught virtually, the experience is still unique, particularly thanks to our partners. The School benefits from an international network, which helps to maximise the employability of our students and support developments in the industry. Two new partners have joined this network: Charles Heidsieck and Riedel. Representatives from both companies will participate in the Master Classes to share their know-how and passion. 

Additionally, Charles Heidsieck will supply students with bottles of champagne at preferential rates and Vintage Magnums are given to students at the top of the class, in addition to bottles for events. 

Lastly, Riedel, an Austrian company specialising in the manufacture of glass and crystal wine glasses, provides four tasting glasses per student at very competitive prices (two Ouverture Marie-Jeanne glasses and two Ouverture Red Wine glasses). 

Programme complementarity 

There is some overlap to the components of the art of living. In addition to marketing, business, wine tourism, logistics, management, there is service, wine service, hospitality, and catering. A synergy, complementarity, and transversality that put the finishing touches on the world of wine and hospitality. 

Beyond its mission of educational excellence, EDGE Wine School is committed to supporting the wine and spirits industry in is necessary ecological transition. Sustainable development enriches the educational content. The Wine & Spirits Management MVS and Msc include courses on climate and sustainability and Master Classes on biodiversity are organised. For example, Gilles Leboeuf, a French biologist, participated in early 2020. The objective is to raise awareness and train students in the management of tomorrow. 

Jérémy Cukierman, Director of the KEDGE Wine School, adds, “Our first mission is to prepare for the future, contribute to ensuring the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the industry, by training future professionals who are more competent, more adaptable, and more responsible. It is a necessity and a perpetual challenge that we will continue to face”: 

The KEDGE Wine School is dedicated to striving for carbon neutrality. 

The Food, Wine & Hospitality research centre has become a centre of excellence 

The Food, Wine & Hospitality research centre, based on the exemplary work of its researchers, has become a centre of excellence. It is generating more and more publications and research work, and its expertise is becoming increasingly invaluable and recognised. 

About KEDGE Wine School

KEDGE Wine School is an international reference in the training of managers of the wines and spirits, hospitality, catering, and wine service sector. Its mission is based on education through experience and academic excellence through five programs from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees (BAC+2 to BAC+6). KEDGE Wine School is also dedicated to supporting the industry in its necessary ecological transition. It is a commitment that has resulted in partnerships and the development of local and international projects. KEDGE Wine School is also a centre of excellence for food, wine & hospitality with 20 excellent research professors.

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