PTC appoints KEDGE to perform a strategic case study into opportunities in the IoT market

PRESS RELEASE – 11.07.2018

PTC appoints KEDGE to perform a strategic case study into opportunities in the IoT market

PTC, a global provider of technology platforms and solutions, has appointed KEDGE to perform a case study intended to highlight market opportunities in the IoT field (Internet of Things). This project, as part of KEDGE’s Executive education activities with the collaboration of companies, was developed via two training programs: the Grande Ecole Program and the Specialised Master in Organisational Management, Strategy and Finance.

This co-operation represents an unprecedented initiative from PTC’s Management Committee. With this approach, PTC was keen to solicit external input regarding innovative business issues related to the development of its activities. As a pioneer in digital 3D design and PLM via the Internet, PTC today proposes an IoT platform with AR capabilities. It was more precisely in the IoT field that the students had been asked to analyse market opportunities.

These students undergoing continuing training at KEDGE worked for several months on PTC’s brief, and began by initially drawing up a strategic analysis and market opportunity survey for PTC. The deliverable took the form of an initial proposal for a business model, which was submitted to PTC’s managers. Then, in late June, the students presented a business plan based on the skills they had acquired during their courses in the field of strategic management.

This cooperation with PTC perfectly illustrates KEDGE’s distinctive positioning policy in the tech management field and above all our capacity to support international groups with their strategic planning linked to an innovative business model”, stressed Jean-Luc Faye, Executive Education Director at KEDGE.

As the last part of this project, the students delivered a formal presentation of their work on June 29th in front of several representatives of PTC’s Management Committee.

I am impressed by the quality of the students’ work. The relevance of the market opportunities and the professionalism of the ‘business models’ presented went beyond anything we could have hoped for. The work by the KEDGE students has already influenced our strategic planning. This cooperation has really been a great success!”, stated Eric Pouligny, Success Management VP at PTC.

The assignment conferred upon us by PTC gave the students a chance to tackle a strategic management problem combined with a risk analysis, to propose market opportunities to PTC”, explained Paul Gimet, professor in strategy at KEDGE. In addition to KEDGE’s academic excellence, it was above all the practical aspect of the skills learned which made it possible to highlight possible opportunities for future activities for PTC. Based on the methods taught, the participants in KEDGE’s continuing training program gained valuable experience, thereby improving their employability”.

The results from this first case study have certainly encouraged PTC and KEDGE to keep up the momentum and boost this kind of dynamic collaborative approach, moving towards a closer partnership.

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