The 15th Journées Humanisme et Gestion event “Responsible management, or ‘humanism’s new clothes’ within organisations”


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In partnership with the association ‘Humanisme et Gestion’, KEDGE Business School is hosting the 15th Journées Humanisme et Gestion (Humanism and Management Days) focusing on the theme of “responsible management or ‘humanism’s new clothes’ within organisations” on 5 and 6 April.

Each year, this event brings together around a hundred researchers and management professionals during workshops and round table sessions, with discussions focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of CSR.

In the race for short-term profit, modern companies are not built on a humanist model but on a mechanistic vision”, explains Zahir Yanat, President of Humanisme et Gestion and professor at KEDGE. “To the extent that today, faced with globalisation and increasingly complex markets, companies are finding it necessary to profoundly change their organisational and operational methods to maximise creativity. We are seeing the emergence of a new paradigm: it’s no longer the company which has to deal with society, it’s society which has to deal with the company.

And Zahir Yanat concludes: ”To make corporate social responsibility a reality, we need to raise the profile of the human system, which is complementary to the management system, in order that organisation and procedures also serve this objective rather than being its masters”.

The 15th Journées Humanisme et Gestion Congress seeks to re-examine this long-standing question of responsible management and to consider management styles in an age of CSR.

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