Christophe Revelli highlights about the challenges of responsible and sustainable finance in Financial Times and The Conversation


The challenges of responsible and sustainable finance by Pr. Christophe Revelli in Financial Times and The Conversation

Further to the recent announce of the European Commission around its action plan on sustainable finance at a conference with heads of state and high-level financiers, including French President Emmanuel Macron and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Christophe Revelli, professor at KEDGE Business School and Director of the Master of Science in Corporate & Sustainable Finance, delivers his analysis about the challenges of responsible finance, both by publishing an article in The Conversation and by his comments about articles of the Financial Times.

Christophe Revelli highlights: “No longer are activist shareholders content just to draw dividends, now demanding answers about the corporate strategy and the ethical and responsible position, even if it means divesting from certain companies”. And he adds: "Acceleration and transformation are now common and bringing sustainable finance out of its niche to make it mainstream and unavoidable".

In his article in The Conversation, Christophe Revelli explains: "Beyond climate change and ethical issues, the challenge lies in raising the moral standards of financial capitalism. The EU’s action plan on sustainable finance recommends getting the ‘finance river’ back on course so that it may serve society".

Even today, too few higher education establishments have committed their finance programmes to responsible and sustainable issues, preferring rather to rely on quantitative and mathematical approaches, despite them having shown their limitations during the previous financial crises and failing to address the economic challenges of the future. The academic world has the power to transform events in redefining its social mission, by proposing new programmes and courses that match the expectations not only of businesses but, above all, society”, stresses Christophe Revelli.

In the Financial Times, every week a business school professor or academic recommends useful FT articles. Christophe Revelli reacts to 2 articles about “Brussels sharpens focus on ‘sustainable’ investment” and “BlackRock’s gun-free funds show ethical investing is a good bet”.

Find his article published in The Conversation here : action-for-more-responsible-sustainable-finance-97116

And here the comments of Pr Revelli on Financial Times: 4df188287fff

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About Pr. Christophe Revelli

Christophe Revelli is Associate Professor of Responsible Finance and Head the MSc Corporate and Sustainable Finance Program at KEDGE Business School. His courses and research focus on the field of responsible finance, the critical approach of modern financial theory as well as impact investing. In 2012 Christophe received the RIODD-VIGEO research prize for his PhD entitled “Financial Performance of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI): Meta-analytical approach” and the SAB Trophy 2015 for the best article in Sustainable Finance.

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