Well-being at work, a driver of performance


Well-being at work, a driver of performance by Arnaud Lacan, KEDGE Business School Management Professor

At a time when employee expectations are profoundly shifting and leading to significant behavioural changes across companies, Arnaud Lacan, KEDGE Business School Management Professor, was invited to be a guest on Xerfi Canal to share his analysis of new managerial practices and how well-being at work is a driver of all our collective performance.

As Arnaud explains, well-being at work is a fundamental issue for modern-day society. “Employees - particularly from the younger generation - approach their work as one of the key pillars of their personal fulfilment”.

But there are other factors to consider, such as cooperation in the workplace, which, according to the KEDGE Business School Management Professor, has become the dominant force and differs from the notion of collaboration because, “in cooperation, there is unity in a common goal, the act of working together”.

However, Arnaud notes, “the values that allowed managers to be in their roles today are no longer those they need to manage. You have to change your stance. We must be able to integrate significant changes, particularly the need to work as a community, as a collective unit and with a more cooperative approach”.

Arnaud concludes that “practices are changing and managers need to shift their centre of gravity. To put it simply, we need to move away from managers who control, who oversee individual performance, to managers who are much more like regulators of a group of people working together, a regulator of interpersonal relations within their team, a leader of a community at work”.

Arnaud Lacan is available for any requests for interviews or reports concerning this news item in English or French.

See the full Xerfi interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQS8vVCuR74&feature=youtu.be

KEDGE research professors are regularly invited to the Xerfi Canal studio to discuss topics related to their research subjects. The video series, which was launched back in last September, will continue to be gradually unveiled to the press.

More about Arnaud Lacan

Arnaud Lacan is a tenured professor at KEDGE Business School, an expert in cooperative management and new managerial practices. With a PhD in economics and a graduate of political science, he has over 15 years of management experience (MAIF Group). He teaches foundation classes on the Grande École programme and bachelor degrees, as well as team management and leadership modules as part of Executive Education. He specialises in rethinking managerial practice (post-modern management, managing through trust, collaborative management, etc.). He runs bespoke management seminars and conferences on the topics of cooperation and collaboration. He also leads the AGIPI-KEDGE ‘Self-Employment and New Forms of Entrepreneurship’ research chair.

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