Laurence LE PODER

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Associate professor at KEDGE BS, Laurence Le Poder holds a PhD from the University of Aix Marseille. Its main areas of education are linked to the economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics), to the new development of the economy (social and solidarity economy, circular economy, collaborative economy,...) and finally to crisis management. Interested in pedagogical innovation, she develops course modules by developing different pedagogical scenarios (reverse pedagogy, flip pedagogy, learning by doing), face-to-face, blended learning and e-learning.

As part of its crisis management course, she develop an original and innovative simulation in pedagogical: the "night of the crisis at Kedge Business School".

His research focuses on crises and their impact on organizations. She has also published several case studies.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Laurence LE PODER & Grant LINSCOTT (2016) “Sony Pictures Entertainment: What to do in the face of a crisis linked to cyberterrorism?”. KEDGE-OC-006, Collection KEDGE. CCMP. Juin 2016 2016 Case Study
    Laurence LE PODER (2016) "Régie des Transports de Marseille : comment élaborer un dispositif de prévention de crise ?". KEDGE-MG-003. Collection KEDGE. CCMP. Mai 2016 2016 Case Study
    Laurence LE PODER; Laurent FEDI « GREENMODAL TRANSPORT : Comment devenir un organisateur de transport innovant et durable ?» Cas CCMP, Collection KEDGE, n°KEDGE-PL-001 2016 Case Study
    Laurence LE PODER (2016) "Sony Pictures Entertainment : Comment faire face à une crise liée au cyberterrorisme ?". KEDGE-OC-005. Collection KEDGE. CCMP. Mars 2016 2016 Case Study
    Le Poder, L. & Fedi, L. (2015) Greenmodal Transport : Quelle opportunité de développement pour Greenmodal Transport ? CCMP No. KEDGE-MG-002. 2015 Case Study
    Auger, P. & Le Poder, L. (2015) Manager l'inattendu : la tragédie MANN GULCH : un exemple de perte de sens et de résilience. CCMP: KEDGE-OC-001. 2015 Case Study
    Le Poder, L. (2014) Société Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado-Carénage : Management de crise - de la simulation à la prévention. CCMP G1827. 2014 Case Study
    Le Poder, L. & Sebagh, T. (2010). Pollution, niveau de richesse et nature des rendements des technologies de la réduction de la pollution. A la recherche d'un cadre général. In M. Falque & H. Lamotte (Eds.), Changement climatique et pollution de l’air - Climate change and air pollution (pp. 5-24). Brussels: Bruylant. 2010 Chapter
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