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Finance reconsidered

This Chair is committed to reflecting upon the challenges and limitations of finance as it is currently practised with a central question: "is there an alternative to creating value for the shareholder?". Since 2006, researchers' work has reversed the rationale, starting from the question of collective well-being to then ask which resources should be mobilised and how to mobilise them with what we call "companies" (beyond their legal definition). In this way, the Chair is attempting to put forward innovative solutions, by questioning the notions of solidarity and responsibility in the financial sphere. The AG2R LA MONDIALE Group is naturally involved as founding partner, as its activities are indissociable from the notions of the long term, risk management and taking stakeholders and collective well-being into account.

Recent projects include

  • The development of synergies between the chair and the teacher-researchers of the "Finance Reconsidered" Centre of Expertise
  • The creation of a Sustainable and Responsible Finance specialisation within the KEDGE Finance MSc, in partnership with Novethic. To meet these increased requirements in terms of responsibility and ethics, the aim of this specialisation is to train stakeholders and managers who know how to respond to the challenges of climate change and social economy financing, while developing an approach based on sustainability and on investor responsibility and ethics.
  • 2015 publication of the book "La Finance autrement? Réflexions critiques et perspectives sur la finance moderne” (Finance reconsidered? Critical reflection and perspectives on modern finance), Paranque, B., Pérez R. (Eds)

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