The Observatory of Practices by Entrepreneurs and Companies (OPEE) - Kedge BS

The OPEE is an initiative of a group of researchers and teacher-researchers, economists, managers and statisticians to support entrepreneurs and policy-makers in improving the survival and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and ensuring their integration into local, national and global value chains.


The OPEE project: an innovative approach

The OPEE’s teams come from an academic background or work in close cooperation with research institutes. They provide small and medium-sized businesses with tools to measure their performance and improve their sustainability and growth.

It has created an analytic tool the SBAT (Small Business Assessment Tool) to evaluate the performance of companies between 1 and 50 employees and compare firms with similar characteristics.

This tool, thus, allows any entrepreneur to orient his decisions according to his market positioning to ensure a more secure and prosperous future for the company he manages

SBAT also allows public decision-makers to assess the scope and effectiveness of public policies supporting entrepreneurship. By measuring the evolution of a company and its trajectory, SBAT provides a framework for formulating action proposals for the benefit of companies.

SBAT aims to:

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • help you make the best decisions by promoting your strengths
  • develop entrepreneurship within the territories
  • help the public authorities to carry out the best entrepreneurship policies

SBAT is totally free, confidential, secured, easy-to-use and has no commercial purpose. The tool was created to unable you to analyse your business with no time or money constraint. The questionnaire is mutually beneficial:​​​​​

  • You benefit from direct help in the development of your business
  • You are participating in a data collection operation that will have a considerable impact in developing policies to support businesses and entrepreneurs.

Public concerned

L’OPEE is aimed at small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 1 to 50 employees trading for at least a year.