What is the impact of sustainable development on the re-localisation of manufacturing enterprises ?

Supply Chain

publication date 05/12/2016

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Supply Chains give off CO2 emissions, in accordance with their activities. The issue is being able to measure the real carbon impact in order to be able to make recommendations and to command higher progress margins when it comes to environmental impact. By what means can we measure this real impact? Anicia Jaegler, a teacher at KEDGE BS, has proposed a tool to respond to these issues - a modelling/simulation tool that takes into account 4 input criteria: the participant’s efficiency, the product type (small, light, heavy, bulky), the location (local, regional, continental, global) and the mode of transport.

When sustainable development is a real issue, having a tool that simulates a sustainable supply chain adapted to your business is a real advantage and a big help with decision-making.