A Summit of Insights at KEDGE Business School with Eugene B. Kogan, Ph.D., Marc Wehrum and Svetlana de Chabot

KEDGE Business School in Marseille recently had the pleasure of hosting a conference “Procurement: enhancing collaborations through negotiations” with Eugene B. Kogan, Ph.D., a renowned negotiation expert from Harvard University, and The Gap Partnership (TGP), the world-leading negotiation consultancy presented by Marc Wehrum, managing partner and Svetlana de Chabot, senior consultant and Ph.D student at KEDGE BS.

Conference “Procurement: enhancing collaborations through negotiations” 

This event was organized as part of the M1 ITL programme with the support of Elisabeth Jouannaux and marked a significant milestone in our continuous pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the field of procurement and negotiation. 

Eugene B. Kogan, Ph.D., is celebrated for his extensive work in advancing negotiation skills among executives worldwide, leveraging his deep understanding of negotiation dynamics to foster leadership and decision-making excellence. His participation brought a wealth of theoretical and practical insights to the forefront of our discussions.

Marc Wehrum, representing The Gap Partnership (TGP), a global authority in negotiation consultancy, shared his invaluable experiences and perspectives, enriching the dialogue with real-world applications and innovative strategies. TGP's commitment to enhancing negotiation capabilities across industries aligns with our goal of providing practical, impactful learning opportunities to our students and faculty.

Svetlana de Chabot, the driving force behind this event, is not only a dedicated Ph.D. student at KEDGE but also a seasoned procurement professional. Her expertise and passion for negotiation have significantly contributed to the academic and professional discourse at KEDGE, demonstrating the real-world impact and relevance of our programs.

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This summit went beyond traditional academic boundaries, fostering a dynamic environment where students, faculty, and professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to explore the complexities of negotiations, sustainability, artificial intelligence, and the future of procurement.

The rich discussions and positive feedback highlighted the event's success, with students particularly appreciating the opportunity to learn from such distinguished professionals.

Moreover, many attendees were delighted to receive autographed books from Dr. Kogan, further cementing the lasting impact of this summit on their academic and professional journeys.

This gathering served as a reminder of the power of collaboration and the importance of bridging theoretical knowledge with practical applications. As we reflect on the success of this summit, we extend our gratitude to all participants, especially Elisabeth Jouannaux Ph.D, Santiago Garcia, Ph.D., Svetlana de Chabot, MBA and the supportive faculty and staff who made this event possible.

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