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Airbus Helicopters will sponsor the next MSc ITE class le 03/11/2020

Christophe PRIOR, Digital Transformation Office leader at Airbus Helicopters, becomes the sponsor of the 2021-2021 class of the MSc Innovation Transformation Entrepreneurship at KEDGE.

" Airbus Helicopters  is dealing with a major unprecedented crisis in the aeronautics industry, and hence must adapt and accelerate a digital transformation serving corporate strategy and customer satisfaction. It's all about developing frugal innovation and promoting collective intelligence within our ecosystems. You are going to accompany us in this transformation as part of this case," announced Christophe Prior to this new intrapreneurs' class.

The next step in the collaboration between Airbus Helicopter and KEDGE will take place within a case study presented by Christophe Prior.

The intense training started with a "business pool" which consists of a week dedicated to the creation of a real startup in its market to turn it into an innovation. The objective of this pedagogical experience is to measure the learner's ability to mobilize knowledge in a minimum amount of time. This pool was supervised by Christophe Guion, Director of Innovative Projects at Orange and supported by Evelyne Lombardo, Professor at Kedge.

The students of the MSc Innovation Transformation & Entrepreneurship (MSc ITE) will then be responsible for designing an innovation platform enabling large companies in the region to innovate with startups and cross skills.  A benchmark and an analysis of other innovation platform models will have to be carried out beforehand.

A majority of the students of the MSc ITE have chosen the path of intrapreneurship and will present this case as a common thread. This demonstrates that the training contents are in line with the expectations of companies in full transformation, guaranteeing of a strong employability at the end of this programme.

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