Calling all partners to vote for KEDGE in the QS world university rankings

The QS world university rankings is an annual university ranking that classifies around a thousand universities and higher education institutions worldwide according to criteria of reputation and performance in teaching and research. Once again this year, KEDGE Business School actively participates in this evaluation.

A “global academic survey” filled out by partner schools across the world

The QS rankings rely on specific criteria, including academic and professional reputation, student-teacher ratio, proportion of international faculty and students, and publication citation rate per lecturer. Academic reputation, a pivotal factor for higher education institutions, will be the cornerstone of the initial QS survey, completed by partner higher education schools globally.
KEDGE Business School extends an invitation to its partner universities, encouraging them to participate and voice their opinions on the world's best universities in collaboration with QS. To take part, follow this link to register before February 5th, and receive an invitation to contribute to the QS Global Academic Survey 2024. Follow the link below to register before February 5th  and receive an invitation to participate in the QS Global Academic Survey 2024.

Why vote for KEDGE in the QS rankings?

KEDGE is entering a fundamental and ambitious new phase of its development and transformation by implementing its KEDGE 25 strategic plan: “learn to do, succeed by doing”.
KEDGE fosters a positive impact, guiding our students as they explore ways to contribute to a society that is more inclusive, sustainable, and happiness-focused within their academic journeys. We support our students in uncovering and cultivating their potential by positioning them at the forefront of their endeavors.
KEDGE upholds rigorous standards across various domains, including research, pedagogy (with a significant investment in experiential learning), and the overall global student experience:

  • 1st French school for research in Business Administration - Shanghai ranking
  • 8th best French business school - Le Figaro ranking
  • 29th best European business school - Financial Times ranking

KEDGE is a school open to all and for all, where we teach our students how to generate positive impact through experience, celebrating both success and failure: a school where students learn to do, and succeed by doing.