Creativity & Design at KEDGE Arts School: new positioning for the Marseille programmes

From January 2024, KEDGE Arts School has integrated the programmes of KEDGE Design School into its expertise, resulting in a new positioning for the Marseille programmes.

KEDGE Arts School

For the past twenty years, KEDGE Arts School has enabled its students to specialise in arts management, culture, design, and creative industries. The expertise in design has been integral to the Toulon and Marseille campuses for thirty years through KEDGE Design School.

Since January 2024, KEDGE Arts School has incorporated the programmes of KEDGE Design School into its portfolio. KEDGE Arts School now hosts a unique research centre for Creative Industries & Culture in France, along with several educational programmes:

  • Sino-French Institute in Management of Arts & Design (Shanghai/France) in partnership with CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts)
  • MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management (Paris)
  • Bachelor Creativity and Design (Marseille)
  • MSc Creativity & Design Management (Marseille)

Creativity and Design

The cultural and creative sector, which includes design, encompasses a wide range of activities characterised by specific strategic properties and an increasing hybridisation of skills. To integrate into this new economy, creativity and design are among the most sought-after skills for navigating an increasingly complex and competitive market. These skills enable a transversal contribution to the aesthetic experience of consumers and users, societal innovation, and the transformation of businesses.

This new positioning enables the Marseille programmes to welcome all creators and designers with two programmes: the Bachelor of Creativity and Design, taught in French, and the MSc in Creativity & Design Management, taught in English.

Programmes' highlights

  • A hybrid approach: creativity and design
  • Creativity and Design: Made in France, Southern flair
  • An immersive pedagogy: in situ course
  • Learning through experimentation
  • Expertise and a network: academic and practical

Graduates can enter the job market in roles focused on creation and design, and/or managerial positions (for the MSc) within creative industries or other innovative sectors.

FOCUS : Made in France, southern flavour

(c) Musée Matisse, Nice

France boasts a unique wealth of artistic creation, cultural heritage, and dynamic creative industries. Our programme draws upon the best creative and cultural practices of France, as well as the specific expertise of organisations and businesses within our sector.

Southern France serves as both a historical and contemporary hub for creation and design. This region has inspired some of the greatest artists in world art history, including Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse, Chagall, and Picasso. Many prominent French creators and designers, such as Rudy Ricciotti, Jacquemus, Axel Chay, IAM, and others, continue to thrive here.

Marseille, designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2013, stands as one of France's most vibrant and creative cities. Cosmopolitan and dynamic, Marseille excels in creative and cultural activities, particularly in visual arts, design, fashion, music, and sports.

Located amidst the stunning Calanques in Marseille, the Bachelor of Creativity and Design and the MSc in Creativity & Design Management offer students an immersive experience in this rich regional creative environment.

FOCUS : Innovative pedagogy

(c) Assise Blanche de Maxime Lis, Airborne

Experiential learning takes place primarily within creative organisations, closely linked with industry professionals, using methods such as on-site classes, professional workshops, creator-brand residencies, masterclasses, and study trips both in France and abroad.

Furthermore, in project-based learning, students are encouraged to address complex challenges, develop strategies, design, and test their innovations. An entrepreneurial approach is emphasised to empower our students to become key players in market evolution.

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