Santoto Challenge: an experiential learning initiative in Colombia for KEDGE students

Freshly developed, this ambitious project aims to enable students from the KEDGE Business School's Master in Management Programme to undertake a 6-month internship within a company in the University of Santo Tomas network in Colombia. It represents a strategic alliance between two schools that brings together the academic and business sectors.

A three-part academic and career path 

Between 10 and 30 students will have the opportunity to join this challenge in two groups: from February to August 2024 and from August 2024 to January 2025. Participants will benefit from a comprehensive experience both academically and professionally, including:
-    A 6-hour intensive course in Spanish as a foreign language, with 2 hours of independent study per week.
-    A 120-hour training program on the Colombian entrepreneurial structure.
-    An international internship at the Business Consulting Center (CCE) located in the Santander area. 
The CCE will place students in regional companies where they will conduct diagnostics on the current business models of companies belonging to local strategic allies. Work groups consisting of 4 international students and 2 Colombian students will be established, supported by a supervising teacher and a company representative.

About the Santo Tomas University

Founded in 1580, the University of Santo Tomas, located north of Bucaramanga, specialises in research and innovation. Ranked 19th in Colombia and in the top 10% of universities in Latin America, it boasts the BCC Business Consulting Center developed for local businesses. This centre, created in collaboration with the local Chamber of Commerce, will provide students with a workspace, information, and contacts before and during their internship.

More information on the Santoto Challenge website.